Tunnel Vision came from a project in my first year of University in which I was tasked with creating a fully designed, original photo book and moving image piece based on Hartlepool. For this project, I started off taking imagery of the local architecture and landscapes until I started taking more experimental and obscure photography of small, unnoticed everyday objects that were cylinder or round shaped. For example; drainpipes, holes in the ground, drainage pipes at the beach etc. I then took this theme and continued it through to the book and the moving image piece. I used a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit the images and create some of the graphics in the book. In the book, I used circles to create compositional layouts with the image and text to create a relationship that paired both aspects harmoniously. The book was a way of showing I can use typography and layout in alliance with imagery. The creation of the book was all done using Adobe InDesign, as the book would be printed professionally and needed to be formatted ready for print.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to create the short film that accompanied the book. I used the video as an opportunity to fully learn about video editing, beyond the simple mechanics of editing. A technique that is used throughout the video was overlapping and stitching different videos together in a style that echoed the accompanying book. For the book I had used circle imagery that I had found in still life, therefore I decided to connect the video by using the circle theme in the editing process, giving a layered result that was visually interesting. Working with music gave me a way of connecting visual and sound. I used the instrumental to Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' because of its fast pacing and poignant drum beats that run throughout. Using this, I edited the imagery in sync with the music with a great finished effect. The muted colour palette reflected the scenery of the city during the rainy winter it was filmed in, and also echoed the mood of the book.