After I saw the movie 'Three Billboards outside of Ebbing Missouri' win an Oscar I decided it might be worth watching, and I absolutely loved it. That is normally how I decide on what I want to illustrate, if I don't enjoy the subject matter then I often don't enjoy the experience of illustrating it. After I saw the movie, I started looking at the marketing material, and I stumbled on this stunning portrait of Frances McDormand as her character 'Mildred Hayes'. I just loved how expressive her face was and you could see all the emotion displayed so beautifully. Often when I'm illustrating a poster I will come up with a composition either on paper or in my head, however with this poster the composition came later. After I had finished the portrait, I decided I wanted the poster to have a simple look, and I drew inspiration from movie posters like 'Scarface' and the more recent 'Get Out'. The half black half white gave me space to integrate the typography with room to breathe whilst looking like it was meant to be. I also wanted to include a subtle hint to the plot of the film whilst still being vague, the sunlight silhouette works well for this, and it also links directly with the title creating an element of ambiguity. The choice of having everything in one long column really worked out well in my opinion, I am really happy with the overall composition of the poster. I wanted to break up the contrasting black and white imagery with a strong use of colour, pick of bold orange with a slight red gradient added to avoid looking flat. I picked the colour orange because if you have seen the movie it makes sense (the billboards are all orange with simple black text), but also if you haven't it works just on a visual level. I used a letterpress-style typeface for the title of the movie because it has that gritty, textured look; linking with the gritty themes of the movie.