This alternative poster is a reworking of an older poster for 'Thirteen Reasons Why', you can find the original and a colour experiment on my instagram. I did this illustration in 2018 just before the second season was released and after rewatching the first season. This show has had a lot of controversy and mixed feeling attached to it since it's debut but I thought I found it thought-provoking and necessary when I first saw it and I still do. The character 'Hannah Baker', played by Katherine Langford, immediately drew me in and stuck with me. She is a complex ball of emotion that I wanted to portray and capture. When I started the process of coming up with an idea for this poster I found a screenshot of Hannah's locker being turned into a memorial from the show, the locker is covered in different notes, flowers and other objects that people have left. I liked the idea of her laying down with all of the different items interweaved into her hair. I then decided to change this after I noticed the poppies and decided to focus on those instead, placing a couple around her face to frame everything. I decided to use white poppies to signify purity, goodness and the innocence of the character. I wanted to keep the poster as light as possible to further those connotations. Very faintly in the background I have used the poem that Hannah writes in the show, used in fragments like torn paper. I used this to add more aspects of the show and to also break up the white space a little whilst keeping that bright palette. I have only used one colour in this poster, the blue here is very significant to the show; it is the nail polish that Hannah uses to write the numbers on the tapes she leaves behind after her death. It is an important colour with a lot of connections in the show, so it was the only colour I found fit with the poster.