In accompanying with the four alternative posters that I created for my FMP at University, I also created a fully illustrated book to go with it. Here I am going to be showing the illustrations I created for the chapter based on 'The Dark Knight' and showing the original versions compared to what they developed into for the book. The book delved into the making of the film, focusing more on the technology and production side of the movie, I accompanied this with a series of illustrations showing the different characters of the movie. As you can see, I decide to use the lettering style used in my alternative poster throughout the supporting chapter in the book. First up is the illustration of the The Joker hanging out of a police car, the first of three illustrations of the Joker. For this illustration, I picked the chase scene because I think it represents the character of the Joker very well, chaotic and clever. I have then brought in the stylising of the alternative poster and applied them to the spread, adding in chopped up script pages and red crosses over the eyes. The typography for this spread was really important and I picked this quote from the film because its one of the less famous lines the Joker delivers but also one of the most interesting to me.


Next there is the original illustration used on the alternative poster and another illustration of the Joker's face coming out of the shadows. This illustration was based on the first image that was released of the Joker ahead of the first trailers and it has gone on to be one of the most iconic images of the Joker. I was drawn to it because I liked how he was coming out of the shadows, its like his introducing himself and that fit perfectly into the book. I have tried to use the style of the alternative poster in a different way for this illustration, applying the words from the script pages to the Joker scar, colouring only this section in the iconic red the character is known for. The next illustration of Harvey Dent was one of the final illustrations I created for the book. I liked the idea of showing the split characters of Harvey Dent and Two Face on a double page spread, one half on one side and the other on the opposite. This illustration was completely out of my comfort zone with the horror-esque imagery I was drawing. I really like the effect that it has in the final book.


Last up was my illustration of Batman, for this I decided to play off the ambiguity surrounding Batman in the film; specifically the police search shown towards the beginning of the movie. As an inside joke that you need to have seen the film to understand, I used a mood board that can be seen at the start of the movie showing the police suspects, a humorous take on who Batman could be. I then used an image of Batman that purposefully didn't give anything away, hiding most of his face. This illustration is heavily made up of collage and that was the point, to emulate the mood board from the movie. You can see all of the finished book pages for the chapter here.