Going into this personal project, I wanted to explore and try out a new style of Alternative Poster artwork, mainly the classic montage style movie poster. I was inspired by the circulating negative opinions about the official posters being released in the run up to the release of the movie and the artists creating alternative artwork as a response to it, so I thought I would add some artwork into the mix too. In my work I often like to use one subject and focus solely on that one person, sometimes adding in some smaller surrounding elements but most of the time I like to keep it very minimalist. However, with a big blockbuster Marvel movie I didn't think my proven approach would give the best outcome, this gave me an opportunity to try a new one. I had always been inspired by artists like Drew Struzan and Paul shipper but I had never tried putting my own spin on the classic montage poster. This movie also stars a lot of popular interesting people that I wanted to draw, therefore I tried to create a poster that featured them whilst still keeping a cohesive focus on the character of Spider-man. By keeping everyone inside the silhouette of the main character and keeping a clean pale-grey background, your eye immediately stays focused on the character like it should and then you start to look at all of the extra elements. I also wanted to continue this mindset into the colour palette of the poster. I decided to use the colours of Spider-man's suit in the poster whilst using black and white illustrations of the characters, the main reason was because I wanted the poster to be a little more serious in tone to reflect the darkness Peter is dealing with in this movie following the aftermath of Avengers Endgame. 

I also created a green smoke colour variant to incorporate elements of the character Mysterio; who turns into the villain of the movie. I really liked the mix of red and green in this version but I thought the simple red and black version represented the tone of the movie better. I created this poster by first using reference photos to come up with the original layout and then once I had a finished plan, I then drew all of the different elements separately and pieces them all back together in photoshop and added the title treatment.