In 2018, I was approached to design a new leaflet for the local, charity-funded group 'Special Olympics Sunderland'. After meeting with the organisers and viewing their existing branding and promotional materials, it was clear that they were in need of a big update. I suggested that they implemented the modern brand guidelines of 'Special Olympics GB' to their own group. After agreeing, they hired me to do this for them as well. I decided to start the project with the new logo and its different variations. First off, I implemented the new red, white and blue colour palette found in the new Special Olympics brand identity. This then continued to the new, much sleeker typeface used throughout the branding and its joining marketing materials. In conjunction with the new logo, I also produced a new set of logo variations that would be fit for any future marketing materials, whatever the output may be. All of the vector logo work for this project was created in Adobe Illustrator to make sure the quality would always be at its highest


The next part of this project was the design of the new promotional leaflet for the group. For this area of the project, and as I knew the intended outcome was to be professionally printed, I primarily used Adobe InDesign. As you can see in the above image, the original leaflet design was very dated and text-heavy, these were the biggest issues that the organisers wanted the new design to address. Together we then paired back the information to only what was essential. The team wanted the new leaflet to be more of an introduction, which is why I decided to have the front be a simple introduction with minimal text and a subtle, muted blue image in the background. I then echoed and reversed this on the back with a contrasting red-heavy design. The simplicity of the layout on the back gives the eye a clear path to follow, something that was missing in the original. By following the brand guidelines set by Special Olympics GB, I was able to create a new cohesive and modern image for the group that would bring them more up to date with today's design trends. During the design process, the main goal I always had in mind was to make the group look more professional to the general public, as the group relies on them for their funding.