My work for this project was in conjunction with my university dissertation topic, and that was all about new forms of branding, particularly the use of dynamic identities to form a brand. I tasked myself with creating a new organic juice company, its packaging and identity; including a logo system that was interchangeable in accordance with the different flavours of juice. Influenced by other companies that have created their own logo systems, I was inspired to pushing the boundaries of what a logo could be and find a way that could be personalised over and over again without straying too far from an overall identity. With this project I was also heavily inspired by patterns in nature; this was where the idea for an organic juice company stemmed from. I was looking at all areas of nature at first but then focused on patterns in fruit and veg. Another inspiration for my work was the technique of colour halftone, this dominated the final visualisation of the brand, and it was what gave the final designs the link to connect them all together stylistically. For a dynamic identity to work, the change of marks must still be stylistically similar in order to create familiarity in the chaos of the interchangeability and changing aspect of the design process; this for my brand was the use of colour halftone. By using the colour halftone design style, I was able to take all of the different forms of research I had created (from still photography to manipulated scanned fruit) and was able to make them all fit together seamlessly. I took this project as an opportunity to learn more about creating and sticking to brand guidelines, and why they are so important in driving a company's voice.


For the initial branding, I started off with some simple ideas I had in Adobe Illustrator and continued to develop them with different typefaces and layout choices until I had the basis of the final logo. I then experimented further until I had a final logo that I believed worked best. The final identity uses a 4 box design, three with the letters in and one to fill with imagery. As well as this I also created a more simple corporate version of the logo to be used on other marketing and package designs, this can be seen above. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the final base logo design, this was then taken into Photoshop to add the additional graphics that created the dynamic identity. As well as the brand identity, I also created a series of juice drink label designs, additional advertising posters, promotional merchandise and also designs for shipping boxes. I used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create all 6 bottle designs.

The idea of creating a dynamic identity had its own set of challenges and advantages. There is a blurred line with this type of design because you can sometimes go too over the top and create a brand that looks like several different brands stood next to each other and you constantly have to think about what is connecting the visual designs you are creating. But when the idea works out, it can be a great way for a company to interact with their audience on a core level. This type of identity, as it is still outside of the norm, can help a brand stand out from competitors. There is definitely a balancing act with this type of design and I think I have been successful in the final outcome. ​