In 2019, I was commissioned by Bridges Shopping Centre to design and create signage for their carnival-themed 'One Great Day' charity event. I was set a brief by the marketing suite at Bridges Sunderland shopping centre to design and produce 4 wooden signs based on the games that they were running at their 'One Great Day' charity event. The theme for the event outlined in the brief was circus/carnival, and they wanted the signs to reflect this. After discussing the project with the marketing coordinator, we decided to go down the route of vintage signs that could be used again and again, looking more authentic as they age. The brief also mentioned the words eye-catching, so I went bold with my choices. The big hand-painted style lettering and the bright primary colour scheme helped the displays to not only stand out but to catch the attention of passers-by. Once the designs were approved by the team, I worked on bringing them to life. Throughout this project, I worked closely with the marketing and events team at Bridges Sunderland, taking their feedback during the pitching and designing of the project, and implementing any changes they suggested. This relationship got even stronger when they asked me to illustrate their annual Christmas card later that year. The digital designs for the painted signs were created using Adobe Photoshop.

You can find out more about the day below: