The monotype project required I created 8 posters all-around a particular cause. I decided to choose the black lives matter campaign in America. I thought this would be good as it is very present and new, meaning there wouldn’t be many resources already out there that would cloud my mind and would ensure the designs were completely original. I also thought it was something that was needed and necessary, it was something that had a purpose larger than aesthetics. There was a lot of misinformation being spread around and therefore I was inspired to create a series of posters that played with the emotional aspect of a topic like this but also represented statistics and facts in a simple way. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create this set of 8 typographic posters. 


This project and the final results display the development and the evolution of my ideas throughout a project. I looked at a lot of different styles and experimented heavily with different ideas. To tie them all together I chose a strict colour scheme that I used throughout all 8 posters, this created a coherent design set that tied together despite the difference in style. I was very surprised with the designs as they were very different from the other work I had produced in the module, this however was necessary to have in my portfolio as it shows another branch of my design capabilities. The final results, unfortunately, weren't entered in the competition because of personal circumstances at the time but they still are an important piece of my body of work.