Mr Robot has consistently been one of my favourite shows since its first season aired in 2015, it is full of beautiful cinematography, excellent acting and it still manages to shock me episode to episode. In 2018 I decided it was time to create a drawing of Rami Malek's character 'Elliot Alderson' in his famous black hoodie and wearing Christian Slater's character's Jacket, though it isn't very prevalent in the final poster. I wanted to focus on the topic of Elliot's dissociative identity disorder and the battle between good and evil, both themes that run through the show like a thread. For this to translate I needed to use a strong visual method, and I decided on using a reflected image to present this, leaving the reflected image faceless. The idea of having a faceless silhouette represents the lack of a physical being but rather a figment of the imagination personal to the individual that is seeing him. In the show, Elliot sees the character of Mr Robot as his father but during the show we the viewer find out that it is actually another personality taking a hold of Elliots body. This is a very complex theme and I found it hard representing this visually, but I feel like this way was the best method to take. I also used the visual style of overprinting to use the blue and red (good and evil) in a way that is interesting to look at visually. Although I am happy with the final poster, I do still like the messy and hectic style that the original drawing has because I think it also represents the character well. It was also a more experimental style for me using a watercolour style colouring method and scribbly lines to represent the shadows and I think that style has also improves the overprinting method that has been used in the final poster.