'MET GALA 2019'


Earlier in the year I did a mini collection of illustrations based on some stand out moments from the 2019 Academy Awards, and I decided to do a similar thing inspired by the 2019 Met Gala. For the last few years the Met Gala has become a more prominent event in pop culture and every year I see different artists interpret the different looks in their own style, Alice X. Zhang (@alicexz on instagram) has produced some of my favourites from the last couple of years. This year I decided I would join in on the fun, creating two illustrations of Lady Gaga and Zendaya. First up was the above drawing of Lady Gaga in one of her four Met Gala outfits. I really loved the eccentric make-up here and the over the top bow on her head. This really quick sketch focused on bold colour mainly, and although it's not my favourite of the two illustrations I created, I still like how this piece turned out. Next up is the Cinderella homage presented by Zendaya; who has become known for her Met Gala appearances over the last few years. Compared to the Lady Gaga illustration, I spent much more time; adding more detail and using a much more muted colour palette. The pale blue dress and off-white background created a much more subtle aesthetic, similar to traditional fashion illustration. This is a series I love because it pushes me to produce illustrations quickly and its something fun to experiment with different techniques and styles, I will definitely be continuing this next year.