After seeing 'Mary Queen of Scots' at the beginning of the year, I was immediately drawn to the impact of these two powerful characters and the contrast they both hold with each other. I immediately had the idea of a playing card with the mirrored queens and using that device to portray the two queens from the movie, where whichever way you turned the poster, it still made sense. I liked this idea because as well as being a visually interesting way of presenting each character individually, it was also a great way of representing the power struggle the two queens have throughout the film. For this to translate from idea to execution I had to choose references images that were as similar to each other as possible, the two I landed on worked perfectly with each other and they represented the characters so well. This poster ended up being incredibly intricate and full to the brim of detail, therefore I wanted the illustration to be the main focus entirely. As the poster developed, I decided to move away from making the poster into a playing card as it didn't translate as well as I thought it would. however I still liked the use of having a rotating poster to showcase both characters equally. I therefore developed this idea into what you see in the final poster. By having the all the typography to the sides, when you spin the poster it still reads the same way. I also added a faded version of the Scottish flag to the background to add something a little extra to break up the white space, I faded the flag down because I didn't want ti to be the main focus and take away the attention from the illustration. I really love how this piece turned out, from the initial idea to the final poster, its what I wanted it to look like.