At the beginning of this year I created this alternative poster for the TV series 'Luther', featuring Idris Elba as the titular character 'John Luther and Ruth Wilson as 'Alice Morgan. For this poster I wanted to focus on these two characters and their intertwining relationship that runs throughout the timeline of the show. To start this poster, I needed to come up with a composition that was effective in displaying the relationship between these two characters whilst also being visually interesting. I settled on this cutout, layered, Russian doll-like composition, placing Alice inside the silhouette of Luther and Luther inside a duplicated white silhouette; I did this to show how she is a part of him. The poster is black and white with the addition of a red strike through the center of Luther's silhouette. The use of red is a popular colour in crime movie posters, however that wasn't why I chose the colour. Much like the 'You' poster, I used the colour red because of its connotations of love and danger, both adjectives that could used to describe the relationship these two characters have with each other. Connotations aside, the red is visually very powerful, contrasting against the black and white imagery and immediately drawing you in. I love how sharp the black and white imagery is, and how amplified it is by the crisp white hand-lettered custom typeface and black cutout background. 

The poster also caught the attention of Posterspy, who are an online Alternative Poster gallery and community platform that showcase of work of hundreds of artists around the world. They shared my 'Luther' poster to their almost 50k followers across their social media platforms.