The concept behind my work in this project was dealing with and raising awareness for mental health issues through a series of posters. I wanted to show simple facts that would make the viewer think. Many posters out there all seemed very gothic and massively detailed but I wanted mine to be simple and to have an understated effect that wouldn't cloud the message. I then echoed this further by using simple bold typography with a muted colour palette of black, white and greys, and instead relying on interesting layout choices that enforce the meaning behind the words. Connotations of mental illness are things being dark around you, so I wanted the posters to speak to the people who are dealing with and in the dark around mental illness. The posters are a first step to speaking with people with mental illnesses and generally around the topic as a whole, therefore simple posters with subtle meanings were appropriate. Relating mental illness to an eye chart for example creates a message that mental illnesses shouldn't be treated any different than someone needing glasses to see correctly. Comparing mental illness to something as normal as an eye test starts to remove the stigma that has been placed on mental illness.​ This project was completed fully in Adobe Illustrator.

The brief specified 2 A2 posters and I produced 3. The posters are very size aware, for example, the composition works much better when blown up compared to when it is smaller on the screen. The brief asked for a political poster or a specific cause. I struggled with picking something overtly political and I didn’t have a passion for what I was looking into but then I thought about mental health and the NHS, giving a slight link to current politics. Mental health struck a chord with me as something that doesn't get talked about seriously all that much and when it does, there isn't much of a response in politics to deal with it. With this project, I wanted to showcase my understanding of typography and layout principles and how I can work with and use them in an effective way.