This personal project was the first thing I did after finishing my final project for University. I had seen the movie whilst on a trip to New York earlier in the year and didn't have the time to illustrate something from it until I had finished all of my Uni work. I saw the movie on my last night in New York with my two best friends, we'd been talking about travelling there for years so the movie now holds a special place for all three of us. I wanted to illustrate the cinema scene because it plays a pivotal part in Sebastian and Mia's relationship, it is where it blossoms. Above is the original black and white drawing and then the two variations of the poster I created. I love both colour variations of the poster for individual reasons, the pink one for example I think displays that romantic presence of the film whereas the blue and purple variation I like more just on a visual perspective. In this version I also added the characters subtly into the sky to break up the background and to add another visual element to the poster.