One area of my illustration I am always looking to improve is my colour work, this was a target I set myself this year. With that in mind I decided to finish a drawing I had started in July of 2017 as a personal project; this image of Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in 'Riverdale'. I had not long finished watching the first season of the show on Netflix so I was fresh with inspiration to create some fan-art. When researching reference images I came across a cast shoot set in the diner of the show and the use of colour really caught my eye. At the time I hadn't done much colour work at all so the task felt daunting but I knew it would be a good learning experience to have. I chose this image because I loved the composition and the variety of textures on display, something I knew would translate beautifully in an illustration. The drawing style here is much different than the style my black and white drawings hold, this much more scratchy technique happened very naturally. When layering the different tones and colours, there is much more freedom than when working with one colour I feel. After layering the colours a natural style developed that is a mixture of cartoon and realism. When looking at the drawing from a distance the colours blend together nicely but when you zoom in it is much more scratchy and rough and textured. I am really happy with the way this piece turned out and how packed full of detail it is, the colours are also beautiful in this piece. The textures in the hat compared to other areas like the more smooth table help add complexity and dimension to the overall appeal of the piece. This piece was a wonderful springboard into the world of full-colour drawing, a world I hope to continue to explore.