When I saw that Talent House was running a competition in partnership with Warner Bros to create artwork inspired by 'Joker' I just had to participate. The competition ended up having over 4000 entries and of those 5 were chosen to win. Unfortunately, I was not chosen as one of the winners but I am proud that my submission is one of the most liked entries on the Talent House platform to date. I also just love the result of the illustration and final posters. I am trying to continue to grow in skill at drawing in colour and it's a skill I only look forward to developing. For this illustration, I wanted to have a simple shot of the Joker, simple like the title of the movie. This film's focus is about Arthur and how he becomes Joker but I wanted to show him as Joker as that is in my opinion what has drawn people to this project. I also created a black and white version to try and convey the darkness in the film with the red and blue standing out and symbolising how the mask that he puts on brings him into the focus, it makes people pay attention. A signed print of both colour and black and white versions was displayed in Sunderland's Frederick Street Gallery where they were both purchased by one fan of the movie.