In accompanying with the four alternative posters that I created for my FMP at University, I also created a fully illustrated book to go with it. Here I am going to be showing the illustrations I created for the chapter based on 'Inception' and showing the original versions compared to what they developed into for the book. The book delved into the making of the film, focusing more on the technology and production side of the movie, I accompanied this with a series of illustrations showing the different characters of the movie. One of the most intense scenes in the film served as the inspiration and reference for the first illustration, the scene where Cooper says goodbye to his daughter Murphy. As much as this film is about space travel, there is a real aspect of human relationship that runs deep through this movie, and one of the center relationships explored is the father daughter relationship between these two characters. It was important that I captured the emotion in the their faces here because I wanted to use it as part of the alternative poster for the film. The next two illustrations focused on the space aspect of the film.


The most interesting drawing to do was the spaceship drawing because it was the first non human drawing of the project. I decided to do a white drawing on a black background for the spaceship because I knew this way would have the best outcome. The next two portraits of Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey's characters both feature them in their spacesuits. I did want to try and illustrate as many characters from the movie and I think I have achieved that (there are more illustration in the book). Most of the imagery in the book is of space so I decided to keep a very muted colour palette, but with mainly black and white imagery. I wanted to represent the darkness of space and wanted to keep the rest of the colour palette muted for the rest of the chapter. In these two illustrations I was experimenting with pastel colours, I didn't end up using the mint green in the final versions. You can find the whole chapter from the book here.