In accompanying with the four alternative posters that I created for my FMP at University, I also created a fully illustrated book to go with it. Here I am going to be showing the illustrations I created for the chapter based on 'Inception' and showing the original versions compared to what they developed into for the book. The book delved into the making of the film, focusing more on the technology and production side of the movie, I accompanied this with a series of illustrations showing the different characters of the movie. By continuing to use the red and blue overprint style from the alternative poster I did to accompany the book, the chapter has a cohesive look and feel. In all of these illustrations, I started off with a simple black and white illustrations using strong line-work and block black colouring. I then took these illustrations and duplicated different elements and layered them over one another like the poster. In the first comparison slider you can see the process by instantly comparing the original with the finished version.


One of the more notable things about the final versions is the sense of hecticness and busyness, this was deliberately done to reflect all of the different layers of the hectic plot of the film. I like both versions for different and I find it really interesting to see them right next to each other. The next two portraits are the original illustrations before changed for the books, the illustration of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in particular I really like, and it ended up being altered so much to fit into the book. The final illustration of Marion Cotillard's character Mal is one of my favourites from the whole project. In the movie, she is a passing force that is attached to Leonardo's character, we know her through his subconscious' projection of her; a crazy at times, suicidal mystery. She is all emotion and is often lost and blank in expression. I tried to echo those traits in this illustration by layering the illustration and cutting parts away, representing the missing parts of her. I am really happy with the composition and I love the way it also works in the book. You can find the whole chapter from the book here.