Towards the end of 2019, I was asked for the third year in a row to design the packaging for a small group called 'ShareGin is Caring'. The project is independently run by a small gin-loving community where they all donate a bottle of gin and these are used to create a 24-day ginvent calendar. The Ginvent is also blind tasted, meaning you don't know what gin you are having every day until the grand reveal on Boxing day. For this third year, there were two separate groups; the Navy group and the Teal group. This year I was asked to design the packaging and this year it included creating some illustration work too. The people who run the project had seen one of the Polar Bear illustrations I had created in 2018 for a Christmas card I had sold and asked if they could use it, and another one I would create, for the outer packaging and across its social media channels. As well as the illustrations on the individual boxes, I also designed everything that went inside the box, including; Labels for all 24 bottles, Tasting Notes card with serving suggestions for each day, First Impressions card to write opinions on each day, Let the Countdown BeGin postcard. I also designed a daily tasting note that was posted to social media daily with the serving suggestions of the corresponding gin. I loved getting to combine my love of graphic design and illustration whilst working on this project because it's not always a common occurrence.