In 2018, for the second year in a row, I was asked to create the packaging for a locally run gin advent calendar. The project is independently run by a small gin-loving community where they all donate a bottle of gin and these are used to create a 24-day gin advent calendar. The Ginvent is also a blind-tasted advent, meaning you don't know what gin you are having every day until the grand reveal on Boxing day. For this year, the operation had grown in size and I was asked to design the entire packaging and its contents. The organiser wanted to lean into the theme of Christmas but only in a subtle way, this is where the use of pattern came into play. By taking typical Christmas patterns, like the red and white stripes of a candy cane, and introducing a more muted pastel colour palette, I was able to give the notion of Christmas whilst keeping a more fun and contemporary feel. When brainstorming and researching for the project, I was noticing a trend of pastels and bold typography use that year in design and, more specifically, package design. As well as the box design, I also created; Bottle labels, a postcard, a tasting note sheet, a final reveal sheat and daily tasting notes made specifically for social media. I created all of the design work for this project entirely in Adobe Photoshop.