When I started working on this portrait, I was really drawn by the lighting and the colours of the original images used in the marketing of American Crime Story's second season. If you haven't seen them I urge you to look them up because they are absolutely stunning. I used this portrait to develop my colour illustrating/painting technique and style because its something that I often tend to avoid due to not feeling as skilled in the area as I would like. I really wanted to focus on colour in this poster because I knew it was going to be the focal point and if it didn't turn out great then it would really show up. I decided to use a bold yellow typeface, contrasting with the colour palette whilst still complimenting it. I was also inspired by the Versace famous gold print. This illustration started as a practice session for me that ended up being turned into a poster, however if I had gone into this project knowing I was creating an alternative poster I would have done it much differently. For example, I would have added more characters to really get a sense of what the show is about. I would have also love to have played more on the 90's Miami Beach aesthetic that runs throughout the show. Above I have included a little video showing the process of the digital painting/drawing, showing the steps I took to get to the finished result. I love seeing other people's creative process because everyone has a different way of working and making choices so I wanted to share mine.