For my final major project at University, I set out to redesign 4 movie posters of 4 of Christopher Nolan’s films and create an accompanying book that was fully illustrated. Throughout my time at university, I had always tried to merge my love of graphic design with my love of illustration, and with this project, I wanted to do that again, but in a more harmonious way. With this project, I wanted to as experimental and creative in my design work as I was being in my illustration work and I think I managed to achieve that here. I have always loved doing research on the films that I like as I just find the whole process interesting, so this became the basis of the book; giving a behind the scenes deep dive into the creation of the films, focusing more on the details that come before and during the making of the film. The task was very ambitious because I would be creating a series of illustrations and designs for each film, each using different styles and techniques to the last. This meant each section of the book would almost act as their own mini-book, looking at different colour palettes, layout and typography choices whilst still managing to flow seamlessly as a book should. I decided I wanted the book to be at least 100 pages, dedicating around 20 pages to each movie. I used a combination of Abobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the movie posters and I used Adobe Indesign for the entire creation of the book, as I knew the finished outcome would need to be formatted for professionally printing. 


The 4 films I looked at were ‘Memento’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Inception’, and his latest ‘Interstellar’. I felt it was important to me to show all of the different styles of his films and the progression of his career from his beginnings to his most recent work. It also shows the difference between his smaller films and his big-budget blockbusters, but more importantly how they still share the same ideals and ambitions. I really like using the different styles to reflect the different themes and imagery and tones of the films. I had so much fun creating all of the illustrations in the book but it was also just as important that the graphic design matched up to the imagery. For each film I looked at and was inspired by different typography techniques and styles; these ranged from bold Helvetica typographic posters cutout lettering inspired by the punk scene of the '80s. The idea was to use imagery from the movies and reflect that in the typography and lettering; the most direct being the folded/mirrored (like the folded city imagery in the movie) experimental typography from the Inception chapter of the book.