When starting the creation of this personal project for an alternative movie poster for the movie 'Captain Marvel', I wanted to focus on the introduction of this important character. Captain Marvel is the first female-led superhero movie in the MCU, and I thought it was only fitting she get her own poster, just her. I started by selecting a strong reference photo, as I do most of my illustrations, picking a pose that displayed the character traits of the character and also that worked within the composition of a movie poster. I liked this forward facing pose because it suggested boldness and confidence. Once I was happy with the composition, I then moved onto the illustration style. I wanted to incorporate the comic book aesthetic a little bit and I also knew I wanted to use a mixture of black and white illustration with colour, aiming for a more moody atmosphere with a hint of lightness too. I don't often illustrate in colour, I normally introduce it into the background and the typography, however with this piece I knew it was fundamental to display the suit in colour or else the final poster wouldn't have the impact needed to draw you in. The suit is also the identity of the character and the colour specifically plays an important part in the film.


I did however alter it to create a cohesive colour palette and style, by changing the gold embellishments to silver I was able to better connect the suit to the black and white aspects of the poster. The addition of the colour halftone into the background helped to add that comic book aesthetic but it also helped to add some texture to the background and added real depth; rather than a flat greyscale gradient. I then used a greyscale variant of the official typography, this connected with the suit's silver detailing and finished off this poster nicely. I really love the final outcome and it ended up having a different feel to my previous alternative posters which I am proud of.