I have wanted to draw Beyonce for years and never found the right time to but when the photos were released from Vogue's famous September Issue in 2018 I knew I had to drawer one of them. The photographs were taken by Tyler Mitchell (@tylersphotos on instagram) and they feature a bare-faced Beyonce in a multitude of extravagant headpieces. This image in particular stood out to me, mainly the stark contrast of a very minimal Beyonce draped in diamonds and in a floral headpiece. This portrait is one of my favourites I have ever drawn, I love the detail, the composition and the aesthetic that I have achieved with this piece. This portrait was my first digital portrait of a woman of colour and that meant I had to approach the piece differently. When drawing a white person you don't have to actually draw the highlights because you start with a white base but for this piece I started with a mid grey background and added in highlights afterwards with white, this approach had a much better affect and meant I had more control of what I wanted to be highlighted.


One of my favourite features of this portrait is they bright eyes, the drawing is quite dark which has made the highlights really pop out, the eyes being the biggest one. This portrait really reminds me of old Royal portraits, with the muted facial expression and extravagant jewellery. I hadn't intended on this when I started the portrait but as I reached the end of the drawing process I started seeing it more and more. I wanted to include some detail close ups of the piece because I am really happy with the amount of detail I managed to capture in this piece, there were a lot of elements in this piece that required a high level of attention to detail and I think the time spent on them has really payed off.