*patterns not my own



After Beyonce - Homecoming was released, the Netflix documentary and accompanying live album, I was inspired to draw the albums cover art with a little twist of my own. I really loved the cover art for this album and the collage style I thought would work well as an illustration. I decided to take this a step further and introduce an element of pattern with this lemon pattern by artist Anastasia Lembrik (@anastasia_lembrik on instagram). I chose this pattern as a reference to Beyonce's last album Lemonade and because lemon imagery has since become synonymous with Beyonce. When I started this illustration, I went in with the thought process that it was to be an exercise to develop my skills and to practice skills that I need a bit help with. I have drawn quite a few people over my time creating portraits but I haven't drawn nearly enough people of colour. Drawing darker skin tones requires a different approach for me as I have struggled to keep an ever and smooth skin tone whilst using more shading in the process and this is a skill that I am going to continue to develop the more I draw a variety of skin tones. This drawing also gave me the opportunity to draw hands! This is another area that I have struggled with in the past and am continuing to develop, that being said I couldn't be happier with how the hands turned out here as I am with how the whole drawing turned out. I really love how the yellow in the pattern stands out from the black and white drawing, really catching your attention and drawing you right in, whilst it's painted style also compliments the sketchy illustration style. Before landing on the lemon pattern in the final illustration, I also experimented with a variety of different patterns featuring a variety of styles, colours and themes which I turned into a little animation for fun and to show some of the process a little bit.