Its very rare that I see a movie twice at the cinema, but by the time I had finished watching 'A Star is Born' at the cinema, I was already dying to see it again. It's also not common for me to see something and straight away and have an urge to draw it, but this movie was that special for me. I had followed the making of this film from when it was first announced because I am a fan of Lady Gaga's work but I was still surprised just how much I liked it. At the end of the movie, the final frames actually, we see the climax of Gaga's character Ally's route to becoming a star. It is the moment where she looks directly into the camera, addressing the audience where a star is born, and I knew I wanted to showcase that for my poster. It works because alone with no context is is alluring and thought-provoking but with context it makes perfect sense, but in both scenarios it is powerful. I have tried to capture the emotion and expression, mainly focusing on the eyes and what they are telling us. I liked the connotations of black and white imagery because to some they remind them of romanticism but to others they also portray sadness and mourning, those themes are perfect for this movie. I did however, want to introduce small elements of colour with a black faded frame to help frame the poster and a matching blue title. I chose the colour blue as a nod to Bradley Cooper's blue eyes and, more importantly, the teal blue dress that Gaga's character is wearing in the final scene. I chose a simple type face for the poster because although it is an important part, I wanted all the focus to be on that image, everything is was just information. Above I have also shown the drawing process of the illustration, to show how I draw my digital portraits.