For my Final major project, I set out to redesign 4 movie posters of 4 of Christopher Nolan’s films. I would also create a book that was fully illustrated as well. The book differs from the posters because the book is a behind the scenes look into the creation of the films, so focusing more of the details that come before and during the making of the film. The task was very ambitious because I would be creating a series of illustrations for each film, all original and looking at a different style to the last. I wanted the book to be in-depth enough to appeal to film buffs that would want more of an introduction to the film, because I knew the people reading this book would have to have an interest I the director enough to buy a dedicated book about his films. Therefore, I wanted the book to be at least 100 pages, dedicating around 20 pages to each movie. I knew this would be hard to achieve but I persisted because I knew I could achieve it if I put enough work in. I used stills from the movie and publicity stills as the base for my illustrations because I needed the illustrations to connect with the content and to show the iconography of the film, there aren’t better ways to do this than to take direct inspiration from the source material.


The 4 films I looked at were ‘Memento’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Inception’, and his latest ‘Interstellar’. I felt it was important to me to show all of the different styles of his films and the progression of his career from his beginnings to his most recent work. It also shows the difference between his smaller films and his big budget blockbusters, but more importantly how they still share the same ideals and ambitions. I really like using the different styles to reflect the different themes and imagery and tones of the films, but by doing so, there needed to be something that connected the films together to be cohesive in the book, because the chapters still needed to be brought together as a whole. To do this, I had to keep a similar structure in each section of the book, the one key theme running through the book is how things were made. The book is a behind the scenes eye of the films so this connected the films together in the book.